Our latest designs

Project 1

Modern Living Type A

Felix Project

The ultimate house with design features seen nowhere before. See how a modern elevated office suit changes everything in a house. A masterpiece of its own design.

Project 2

Modern Living Type B

Felix Project

A rural spin to the Modern Living model allowing this house to blend with its environment where it was intended to first be built on. Every design is adaptable and as such, we have made every change possible to best blend this design in a new requirement.

Project 3

Rennaissance cafe

Renovation Project USA

Nothing screams better than a commercial project rebuilding on its own roots in terms of design. A concept that looks into time while allowing modern features to be integrated

Project 4

Model Casablanca

Felix Project

Modern living, modern requirements. This luxurious but simple house model provides elegance and complexity. A true paradox of its own design.

About Us

At Alekor Group, first and mostly, we value the client’s time and business. All our focus revolves around the your needs and expectations. Where we differentiate ourselves from our competitor is our ability to provide you with a dream service going beyond your expectations. From unique designs to effocient construction, Alekor Group provides you with accurate estimates, proper designs and unique methods of visualization for your next construction project.


High Quality

Our design process is vigurous and we focus on the clients' intended design. Throughout the entire process of design, we update regularly the clients on the progress and we seek input for any changes or modifications. This process is only terminated once and only when the client decides so. After all, the client is our main focus for the satisfaction of our business.


Safety Control

At Alekor Group, we take safety very seriously. It is in our intended focus to provide the best services with attentive care to our staff and contractors. Our safety focus ensures all credentials and papers are up to date, and we make sure all safety procedures are fully implemented and respected. No life is worth any project.