Excellence as a Service: The Hallmarks of Your Partnership with Alekor Group

We're not just a company at Alekor Group; we're a team dedicated to excellence and perfection. While most companies may appear similar at a glance, it's our meticulous attention to detail that sets us apart. We are committed to exceed your expectations and we won't stop until everything is completed.

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We offer customized solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Taking into account factors like solar orientation, window placement, and even material costs, we aim to provide the perfect design for your budget and location. And we do all this while maintaining a transparent budget, showing you exactly where every dollar is going.

By neing lead by a recognized leader in advanced visualization and building performance analysis with years of commercial construction experience and work on major Ottawa projects, Alekor Group has pioneered effective methods in design and construction. He’s also a trusted voice in academia, frequently sharing his innovative approaches with his fellow students and industry.

We promise not to pressure you with unrealistic expectations. Instead, we focus on delivering top-notch service to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. Once you decide to work with us, we engage in a transparent process to fine-tune budgets and timelines, all for the mutual benefit of both the company and the client. Together, we can achieve more.

- Alekor Group Inc - Design & Construction -

What can we do for you?


Assess propreties

We will look at your property, capture all existing details, analyse land regulations, assess cost impacts, provide detailed feedback and most of all, provide ideas free of charge.


Conceptualize ideas

Let us show you what can be done on your proprety. Our professional assesment will give us insight on what can be built and the cost associated to it. It is the best way to proceed to achieve optimal success.


Design projects

Whether it's an empty lot or an existing home or building, let us exceed your expectations with unique designs and detailed drawings without overlooking the slightest details.


Manage projects

Good management is often undervalued, but the key to success to all construction projects is good management. At Alekor Group Inc., we thrive to be the best, guaranteeing our best to honor your time and business.



Sometimes, all we need is a push in the right direction. See how we can help you grow from design to operation using the latest techologies like AI and BIM.


Train and Inspire

Then other times, all we need is someone to inspire or provide far reaching knowledge. Reach out to us, see how we can help you build the future.



In the end, we are also open to collaborating on amazing projects and ideas that can help us shape a better future together.


Build software

Because we don't only do construction; we can also build the tools you need to automate and propulse your brand to the next level.